Water can cause a lot of issues for property owners, especially in basements. When water leaks into a home via a crack near a windowsill or in the basement and goes unnoticed for a while, the resulting damage can get overwhelming. From mold and wood decay, to needing to replace drywall and flooring, basement leaks are no laughing matter. But what causes them? Let’s look at a few of the most common factors behind basement leaks.

Foundation Cracks

One of the most common factors behind basement leaks is a crack in the foundation wall, otherwise known as the outer wall of your basement. Typically, these cracks develop over time when water builds up along your basement’s foundation and presses against the foundation wall. This pressure is called “hydrostatic pressure” and causes concrete foundations to become rigid over time. If the water pressure continues to build up, cracks form, resulting in leaks.

Plumbing Issues

Is your home’s plumbing system functioning properly? When it isn’t, it can cause water to build up underground. A clear warning sign that your home’s plumbing system has a problem is when you notice sewage leaking into your basement. This means a drain that normally allows water to flush out of your home is blocked. When this happens, the first course of action is to stop using water to avoid further leaks or flooding into the basement.

Poorly Functioning Downspouts

Downspouts are one your home’s best defenses against water leaking into your basement. When installed properly, they help divert excess precipitation away from the home. However, if they’re not properly directed away from the home, water can build up against the foundation wall, contributing to cracks over time. To prevent this, downspouts should always be directed far away from the home’s foundation so very little water can soak into the ground near the home and damage the foundation.

Aging Patchwork and Sealing

Typically an issue with older homes, patchwork or sealing in the basement is a sign that the home is prone to water leaks. If your basement has patchwork, it would be a good idea to have the area inspected so the proper precautions can be taken to avoid water damage down the road.
No one can predict when water damage will occur, but there are precautions that every homeowner can take to lessen the chance that their basement will experience water damage.

Now is the time to think about leaks before all of the April showers. Give Epp Foundation Repair a call today!