Basement Waterproofing Sioux City, IA


The Simple Basement Waterproofing Guide For Midwest Homeowners​

Discover the most common ways water gets into your basement and what you can do to keep it dry.

Basement Waterproofing Sioux City, IA

Common Wet Basement Causes in Sioux City

Homeowners all too often think it’s impossible to have a dry basement. This isn’t true. If you have a wet basement, we can turn it into a dry, comfortable living space via waterproofing.

Some of the ways water can get into a basement include:

  • Walls cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Cove joint leaks
  • Leaking windows
  • Improper window well drainage
  • Improperly working sump pump
  • Condensation
  • Runoff
  • High water tables
  • Floor drain clogs
  • Drain tile clogs
  • Bowing walls

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Basement Waterproofing Services in Sioux City

At Epp Foundation Repair, our basement waterproofing services include – first of all – determining how the water is making its way into your basement, and then stopping it. If the water was getting in due to a structural problem, we repair it. After that’s complete, we install a new drainage system that will ensure you basement remains dry for years to come.

Our basement waterproofing solutions in Sioux City, IA include:

Interior Basement Waterproofing and Drainage Systems

Sump Pump installation – A sump pump is a device that collects water and then pumps it out of your basement and away from your home.

Drain tile – Drain tile are pipes buried under the slab. Their job is to collect water and carry it to the sump pit so the sump pump can get rid of it.

Vapor barriers – Any material used for damp proofing – often a polyethylene sheet – can be called a vapor barrier. It’s job it to resist moisture diffusion through the foundation wall.

Egress windows – Egress windows serve two important purposes: They provide a safe exit point in case of an emergency, and they make it impossible for water to pool near a basement window. In fact, most homeowners opt to install egress windows instead of waterproofing their old windows.

Basement crack repair – Basement wall cracks can be fixed using an epoxy or polyurethane substance. This will prevent future water intrusion. (Note: Epoxy crack injection is not a solution for major structural problems.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing and Drainage Systems

Yard drainage – A curtain drain will ensure that water uphill from your house is intercepted and carried away from it. This will stop water from pooling next to your foundation and then eventually making it’s way into your basement.

Exterior waterproofing membrane – The membrane is applied to the outside of the foundation wall and prevents water from coming into contact with it.

Exterior foundation drain (or a perimeter drain) – Water enters this perforated pipe (PVC) which then carries it away from the house.

Window well drainage – Good drainage in your window well will prevent water from pooling in it like an aquarium. The drain installed in the window well ties into an interior drain tile and leads to the sump pit.

Downspout extensions – These are designed to carry water away from your home. This prevents it from pooling around the foundation.

Underground downspout and sump pump discharge extensions – These carry water away from your home and into something called a “bubbler pot”. After pressure builds in the bubbler pot, the lid opens, and the water is even distributed across your yard.

For more information, see our Basement Waterproofing page. Check out this detailed video on our waterproofing solutions and methods.

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