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Mold Growth on Concrete Basement Walls – How it Happens

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Common Foundation Issues In Old Homes

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The Dangers Of Moisture In The Crawl Space Under Your House

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Why Is There Standing Water In The Yard After It Rains?

Standing water in the yard after it rains usually indicates poor drainage. When the soil cannot absorb all the rainwater, it accumulates on the surface, leading to standing water. There are several reasons why your yard may be retaining water after rain, including:


  • Poor soil drainage: Heavy clay soils, compacted soil, and poorly draining soils can cause water to accumulate on the surface.
  • Slope of the yard: Water will naturally collect in these areas if your yard is sloped towards your house or a low-lying area.
  • Clogged gutters: Clogged gutters can prevent water from draining away from your home, leading to pooling water in your yard.
  • Lack of proper drainage system: If your yard does not have an appropriate drainage system, such as a French drain or swale, water will collect on the surface.
  • Underground spring: In some cases, standing water in your yard may be caused by an underground spring or high water table.

What Is The Best Drainage For A Sloped Yard?

The best drainage system for a sloped yard will depend on the specific characteristics of the landscape, such as soil type, slope gradient, and rainfall amounts. 

A French drain is a popular solution that involves digging a trench, lining it with fabric, and adding gravel and a perforated pipe to transport water away from the property.

Drywells can also store excess water underground before releasing it into the surrounding soil. Swales, or shallow depressions, can be created to direct water away from the property, and terracing can also be an effective solution to slow down water flow and prevent erosion. 

Common Yard Drainage Problems And Solutions

During heavy rainstorms, directing as much water away from your foundation is vital. If your downspouts or sump pump discharge pipe is not set far enough from your home, water can pool around your foundation resulting in seepage and structural problems.

Our Underground Downspout and Sump Pump Discharge Extensions transport water away from your foundation into a Bubbler Pot. After pressure builds in the Bubbler Pot, the lid opens and distributes water evenly across your yard. Not only does this provide superior water drainage, but it eliminates any tripping hazards from long downspouts.

Benefits Of A Yard Drainage System

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