PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling

When the soil underneath a concrete slab is of poor quality and can no longer support its weight, the slab will sink or settle. If some areas of soil are weak and others are not, the result may be uneven, unleveled, cracked, or caving concrete. Sinking concrete is caused by excessive weight, expansion and contraction due to changes in the weather, and erosion of supporting soil due to the movement of water below the surface.

Polyinjection is a new concrete leveling technique that injects a foam material underneath a sunken slab of concrete. A reaction occurs within the foam that causes it to expand and harden, thus lifting the slap and filling any voids.

driveway leveling DRILL HOLES
concrete leveling PORTS READY
driveway leveling INJECTING FOAM
concrete lifting LIFTED AND CAULKED

Advantages of PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling

  • Cost-effective and minimally invasive compared to replacement

  • The curing process is brief, permitting use of treated areas shortly after injection

  • Holes drilled into the concrete are much smaller and more discreet than traditional mudjacking

  • The foam material is 100% waterproof, will never break down, and perfectly shapes to the voids beneath the concrete slab

  • Lightweight substance, so it does not overburden weakened soil

  • Strengthens the concrete slab to support more weight


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