If you notice changes in the concrete around your home, it could be a sign that your concrete foundation is in need of repair. Some changes in concrete to be aware of are:

– Concrete scaling – Concrete scaling is the loss of surface mortar
– Concrete spalling – Concrete spalling is easy to see as the concrete becomes rough and flaky
– Concrete cracks
– Concrete heaving
– Concrete shrinking

If you notice any of these changes with your concrete, it can also mean that your concrete foundation may be in need of repair, too. Your foundation concrete is not as obvious to see as the concrete surrounding your home. When the concrete surrounding your home is damaged, this can mean that the soil beneath your concrete along with beneath your foundation has shifted and moved. This shifting of the soil beneath both your concrete and foundation will also cause them to shift and move as well. Knowing if your concrete foundation is damaged, you need to look around your home for some of the signs that may indicate that the foundation has shifted and moved. Some of these signs are:

– Sloping floors
– Wall cracks
– Floor cracks
– Ceiling cracks
– Bowing or leaning walls
– Leaning chimney
– Sticking doors and windows

Any of these signs can mean that your foundation may be in need of repair. It is important that if you find any of these signs, to have an expert in foundation repair come and inspect your home and foundation.