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Concrete Crack Repair



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Causes of Concrete Cracks

Concrete cracks can be caused by various things including foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure pushing against the foundation wall, the freeze-thaw cycle, or something extremely heavy parked next to the foundation.

Common Types of Cracks in Concrete

There are two basic types of cracks in a foundation wall: structural cracks and non-structural cracks. Structural cracks are serious because they affect the home’s structural integrity. Non-structural cracks are just unsightly. For more information, see Structural or Non-Structural? Understanding Foundation Cracks.

Xypex Crack Repair

Often times foundation cracks are the path that water takes when your basement floods. Epp Foundation Repair Xypex crack repair was designed to seal cracks and eliminate water/air leaks from seeping through your foundation wall. The Xypex crack repair system comes with a transferable 10-year “NO LEAK” guarantee. This system is ideal for fixing cracks that are actively leaking, on walls that have a rough finish, or where someone has already tried to fix the leak unsuccessfully.

Advantages of Xypex Crack Repair

Epoxy Injection

Cracks in your home’s foundation can be caused by settlement, bowing walls, street creep, and other conditions. Even after you’ve fixed the problem causing the cracks, it’s important to repair the cracks themselves. Cracks can be repaired from the interior or the exterior of your basement. If your basement is unfinished, we will seal the crack with an epoxy paste and inject the crack with a urethane resin.

Advantages of Epoxy Injection

Wall Clay Process

Are the cracks in your foundation wall obstructed by drywall or paneling? This issue can be resolved in two easy steps from the exterior of your home using our wall clay process. First, we begin by coring a small hole in the ground to expose the foundation crack. Next, a granular clay is poured into the hole. This forms a waterproof seal that prevents leaks from the exterior of your home.

Advantages of the Wall Clay process

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