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Foundation Repair
In Omaha, NE

Foundation problems in Omaha are usually caused by expansive soil conditions and improper drainage. At Epp Foundation Repair, we offer foundation underpinning and basement repair solutions.
Foundation replacement

Foundation Repair In Omaha, NE

Foundation repair is a critical service for homeowners in Omaha, NE, where soil conditions often lead to structural issues. EPP Foundation Repair addresses common signs of foundation problems, such as bowing basement walls, foundation cracks, water in the basement or crawl space, sloping floors, sticking windows and doors, leaning chimneys and cracked ceilings. At EPP Foundation Repair, we ensures the stability and safety of your home, protecting it from further damage and restoring its structural integrity.

Push Pier

What is foundation underpinning?

Foundation underpinning is the process of transferring your home’s load (or weight) to stronger soil layers that are not affected my expansion and contraction.

This is accomplished by pressing steel tubes called push piers down into the soil at the base of your foundation. Once the piers hit the required depth, they are bracketed to your foundation, and hydraulic jacks are then used to lift your home back to level.

What are the different types of foundations in Omaha?

The most common types of foundations in Omaha are:

Basement Waterproofing

Basement foundations

crawl space small

Crawl space foundations

concrete slab types of foundations

Concrete slab foundation

Signs of Foundation Problems Around Home :

  1. Foundation Crack
  2. Leaning Chimney
  3. Bowed Basement Walls
  4. Basement Floor or Concrete Cracks
  5. Water In The Basement or Crawlspace
  6. Sloping Floors
  7. Cracks In Ceilings
  8. Sticking Doors And Windows
  9. Stair Step Cracks
Signs of Foundation Damage Within Your Home
Damp Crawl Space
Basement foundation problems:
  • Bowing basement walls
  • Crack near basement window
  • Window well not draining
  • Cove joint leak (where wall meets the floor)
  • Crack in basement floor
  • Basement floor drain overflowing
  • Water coming in over basement wall
  • Water seeping through basement wall
Concrete Sinking
Slab foundation problems:
  • Cracked floors
  • Cracked walls
  • Cracked ceilings
  • Bulging walls
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • and more…

Basement Wall Repair in Omaha

We offer solutions for bowing, cracked basement walls as well as wet basements. Our three phase basement repair system will leave your basement structurally sound and dry. Some of our solutions include basement wall anchors, basement vapor barriers, basement drain tile, egress windows, basement crack repair and more.

Foundation Repair in Omaha

We offer foundation underpinning solutions such as steel push piers and helical piers. The solution that is right for your needs will be recommended after your free foundation inspection.

House Leveling Solutions (Foundation Underpinning) in Omaha

EPP Foundation Repair in Omaha provides expert house leveling solutions using push piers and helical piers. These techniques are designed to stabilize and lift sinking foundations, ensuring structural integrity and preventing further damage. Push piers are driven deep into the ground to reach stable soil layers, offering robust support for heavy loads. With their screw-like design, Helical piers are ideal for varying soil conditions and can be installed with minimal disruption. Both methods are efficient, reliable, and tailored to the unique needs of Omaha’s diverse soil compositions, ensuring long-lasting foundation stability.

Contact Epp Foundation Repair for Your Free Inspection and Quote

If you’re experiencing problems with your Omaha, NE area home’s foundation such as bowing basement walls, foundation cracks, sloping floors, sticking windows Epp Foundation Repair has the solutions to meet your needs. We are your local foundation experts.

After over 20 years in business, Omaha residents and business owners have come to rely on Epp to solve all their foundation problems. Contact us to schedule your free inspection today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair

It’s too much of a hassle to make repairs?

Foundation repair, while indeed a significant undertaking, can provide many benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners. A solid and stable foundation is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a home’s structure, and addressing any issues as they arise can prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Aside from the obvious structural benefits, foundation repair can improve a home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Also, a damaged or unstable foundation can significantly deter potential buyers.

While foundation repair may seem like a hassle, securing your home’s safety, comfort, and value is worth it.

How long have you been in business?

Epp Foundation Repair has been in business since 1994.

Do you offer warranties?

Yes. Most of our repair solutions come with product warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years, depending on the product.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Do you subcontract?

Most of our work is handled in-house by Epp Foundation Repair. Now and then, we might outsource some repairs and parts of our services to our network of specialists. For example:

  • Larger masonry projects
  • Large concrete projects (We don’t have a large concrete crew.)
  • Big sprinkler repairs
  • Major plumbing repairs

How much does it cost?

The cost of foundation repair depends on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of the foundation, the type of foundation, and the repair method needed. Generally, foundation repair costs range from $1.5k (for a simple concrete lifting job) to $12k+(piering). However, this is just a general guide since each home is unique.

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