Crawl Space Encapsulation 
and Dehumidification

Solve indoor air quality issues and gain valuable storage space with a custom crawl space solution by Epp.

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Water in your crawl space can lead to
poor indoor air quality and mold growth

Moisture in your crawl space creates the perfect conditions for unhygienic issues. Left alone, these can affect your indoor air quality and could lead to health hazards including:

Protect Your Home From The Outdoors
with Crawl Space Encapsulation


Keep Your Crawl Space Clean and Dry

Gain Valuable Storage Space

Quick and Non-Invasive Installation

Reduce Allergens & Other Health Hazards

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We’re Here To Protect Your Home

At Epp Foundation Repair, we believe every home should have a crawl space equipped to protect you from the the negative effects of moisture and mold. Since 1994, we’ve helped clients in Southeastern Nebraska, Northwestern Missouri, and parts of Northeastern Kansas with repairs and waterproofing for their basements and crawl spaces.

“Thank you Epp Concrete! Corey and his coworker with him were absolutely amazing. Completed work on time. Cleaned up after themselves. Especially had great customer service. They were very professional. Very nice. Answered all my questions in a manner I could understand. Made sure I understood every process in the repair and what to do after work done. Ryan and everyone that came with him who did my quote were also awesome. Would highly recommend!”

-Shelly Kerns

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Our Crawl Space Encapsulation
and Waterproofing Services

The Epp Foundation Repair crawl space encapsulation system is designed to isolate your living space from the humid crawl space environment. We offer the following services to keep your crawl space clean, dry, as well as to create usable storage space.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Crawl space vapor barriers (or moisture barriers) prevent soil moisture from getting into your home through floors and holes in ductwork.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier and Sump Pump

An added layer to actively remove air moisture, condense it into water and then pump it out of your basement.

Crawl Space Drainage

Our crawl space drain tile system consists of buried piping around the perimeter of your crawl space that directs water downslope away from the house or into a sump pit.

The 4 Step Crawl Space Repair Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical crawl space encapsulation job costs around $5000. It usually runs around $7-9 per square foot.

We can typically get a normal crawl space encapsulation job done in 2-3 days depending on the size of job. If drain-tile is needed or any other structural fixes are needed then it can add time, but it doesn’t usually take more than a week even for a large project.

We offer a 25 year warranty on our crawl space encapsulation when installed in conjunction with a drainage system, and a 1 year Limited Warranty that covers against defects in materials & workmanship, when installed without a drainage system. Realistically, encapsulation should last a lifetime.

Typical humidity in a crawl space before we start is around 50% or higher. After we complete the crawl space encapsulation it typically drops well below 20%.

Yes. The vapor barrier reduces the amount of air transfer between your crawl space and living space so your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard.

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