Your home is large investment, so when it starts to settle, it’s important that you fix it. You’re probably asking, what does it mean when a house settles? Also, how do I know if my home is settling? If you understand the cause and warning signs of foundation failure, you will be able to contact a professional and take care of a settlement issue before it becomes serious.

House settlement is when a home starts moving downward and sinking. This is an issue that happens with most homes and is one of the biggest threats to any structure. Here are the top reasons for settling foundations:

Soil that is poorly compacted
When a foundation is built for a home, a builder will sometimes bring in loose soil to fill any depressed or hollow areas. It is the builder’s job to compact the soil properly before foundation is built. This may not always happen, and due to the weight of your home, the soil will compress and cause settlement issues.

Soil that is too wet or too soft
Moist soil around your home is a good thing, but soil that is too wet can cause issues. If the soil becomes too soft, your home will sink into it. Heavy rain or floods, plumbing issues, or poor drainage can cause this.

Shrinking soils or soil that is too dry
Nebraska is known to go through droughts. If the soil around your home is dry for a long period of time, it can shrink away from your foundation. Soil provides support for your foundation, and without it the home will start to settle. Tree roots can also cause issues for your home. Tree roots under your foundation can cause dry soil since they require a lot of water.

There are some settlement warning signs you should be aware of. Cracks forming in the walls and doors that won’t open or close properly are the biggest interior signs of home settlement. These may seem minor, they are warning signs of bigger issues.

When a foundation is settling, it may require both foundation repair and basement waterproofing services, depending on what the cause of the settlement is. If you’re questioning whether your home is having settlement issues, give Epp a call and we’ll provide a free, no obligation estimate.