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Foundation Repair in Sterling NE

Foundation settling is common and takes place in all types of homes over time. But, it can become troublesome when the settling is extreme or makes the entire structure uneven. This is why it is important to regularly and properly maintain your foundation with help from experts like Epp Foundation Repair.

Epp Foundation Repair: Foundation Service Provider You Can Trust

If you have been noticing cracks in your basement walls, floors, and other areas, uneven floors around your property, and other structural changes lately, your foundation could be the problem. We at Epp Foundation Repair can identify the source of your problem and implement permanent solutions to eradicate them.

Sterling NE Foundation Repair: Services Offered

Epp Foundation Repair Sterling NE offers the following services, and more, for your foundation-related problems:
Foundation Repair
Foundation issues not only threaten the stability of your home but also the safety of you and your family members.  The best thing to do is prevent the issues from escalating into more complex and expensive problems. When you choose Epp Foundation Repair, you can avail the following foundation repair services based on the type of problem in your building:
Crawl Space Encapsulation
Crawl space encapsulation is an excellent technique that can help prevent moisture retention in your crawl space, and keep your foundation stable for several years. Furthermore, with Epp’s crawl space encapsulation service, you can improve your indoor air quality as well as gain additional storage space. Our installation process is quick and non-invasive, and you can keep your crawl space clean and dry at all times.
Concrete Leveling
If sunken concrete is causing trip hazards around your property, you need concrete leveling services from Epp Foundation Repair Sterling NE. In addition to the danger of tripping, this condition is also visually unappealing, and leads to pooling water issues.
Foundation experts from Epp Foundation Repair use a technique called PolyLift concrete leveling, which involves the use of polyurethane foam injection to relevel your concrete. The procedure is minimally invasive and you can see visible results in just 15 minutes.

Common Signs of Foundation Failure

The common signs of foundation failure every homeowner should look out for are:
  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks in walls, floors, and foundation
  • Cracks in bricks
  • Warped ceiling
  • Decaying wood
  • Water seeping through cracks
  • Tilting chimney
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Musty-smelling basement
  • Counters and cabinets separating from walls

Epp Foundation Repair: Service Areas

In addition to offering our foundation services to people in Sterling NE and the surrounding areas, our services are also available in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Check out the complete list of the areas on our Service Areas page.

Why Choose Us?

Epp Foundation Repair is the leading, trustworthy foundation repair service provider in Sterling NE. With over two decades of experience, we give our customers the confidence of having a fully renovated basement and repaired foundation, so they can remain worry-free for years to come.
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