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Foundation Repair in Wichita, KS

Wichita is a large city in Kansas with a population of close to 400,000. They have been known as the center of entrepreneurship and the Air Capital of the World.

When homeowners in Wichita and the surrounding area have problems with their foundations, they call on Epp for the solution. Foundation problems can impact the entire structure, so call on us to discuss any signs of foundation issues.

cracked walls
cracked walls

Epp Foundation Repair – Foundation Experts You Can Depend Upon

Epp has been working with foundations for decades and they are passionate about helping homeowners restore the integrity of their homes. With the know-how and manpower dedicated to foundation repair, there is no job we can’t handle.

Wichita, KS Foundation Repair Services from Epp

Foundation repair is not a one size fits all process. There are many things to consider, from the current condition of the foundation to the underlying conditions that allowed the problem to happen. Here are some of the services we offer:

Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is the process of stabilizing and sometimes raising a foundation through the use of push or helical piers. The piers consist of steel rods that are driven or screwed, in the case of helical piers, into the ground. Once they reach bedrock, they can be attached to the foundation and used to raise the foundation to an acceptable level. Those piers also keep the foundation from sinking further.

Photo of a push pier
pier for foundation underpinning
Wall plate anchors for bowing basement wall
C-channel anchor for bowing basement walls

Bowing Walls Repair

Excessive pressure on the foundation walls can cause them to bow and crack. This pressure comes from the soil outside as it freezes, expands, or if too much water is present. Epp can use anchors or beams to correct this problem and then carbon fiber stitching can further stabilize the walls from damage.

Concrete Leveling

Concrete sinks when the ground underneath it compresses due to the weight of the slab or if the soil erodes, typically due to the action of water. When that happens, the concrete will crack under its own weight. Epp can fix the problem with polyurethane foam. We inject the foam under the slab after drilling small holes. The foam expands and hardens to lift and support the slab permanently.

concrete Leveling
concrete leveling photo
Wet basement water on floor
Basement waterproofing Lincoln NE

Basement Waterproofing

Basements in Wichita can be too damp and cold to be used by the homeowner. Epp can apply various methods of basement waterproofing, leaving you with a dry and comfortable location, suitable for storage or additional living space.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Air is transferred from the crawl space to the rest of the home frequently. If the crawl space is damp or has mold and mildew, it will affect the living space. Crawl space encapsulation is the process of sealing off the area with a wrap of poly sheeting. It improves the air quality in the home and makes the space suitable for storage.

crawl space encapsulation
Crawl Space

Common Signs of Foundation Issues

Your home may be talking to you. If the foundation is experiencing problems, you can often see it with the signs it displays. One of these problems is not always enough to cause a panic but if you see things progressing, or if there are multiple signs of foundation failure, call on Epp for help. Here are some of those signs:

Ceiling Cracks:

When a foundation shifts, it can put pressure on the rest of the home, resulting in cracked ceilings. If the cracks expand or if they extend down the walls, it is a typical sign of foundation failure.

Leaning Chimney:

The chimney is not typically the best-supported structure of the home. If it is leaning, cracking, or separating from the rest of the home, it is a common foundation issue sign.

Bowed Walls:

Bowed foundation walls occur when pressure from the soil outside pushes against them. This is common in Wichita, due to expansive soil, freezing, and water.

Door and Window Frames:

The movement of the foundation can cause the door and window frames to shift. As a result, the doors and windows could stick. It may also cause cracks and separation in and around the door and window frames as well.

Wet Basement or Crawl Space:

Water can affect the foundation walls in many ways. As a result, it is not uncommon to have standing water in the basement or crawl space. High humidity levels can also affect the area, as well as the rest of the home.

Why Choose Epp as Your Foundation Specialist?

You want a foundation specialist you can trust. Epp Foundation Repair has been working with foundations since 1994 and we are the leader in the industry in and around Wichita. If you have foundation problems, they will not get better on their own, they will get worse. Call Epp today to see how we can help get your foundation to where it needs to be.

“Epp Foundation Repair did a great job raising concrete slabs that were sinking. The guys doing the work were professional and they walked through all the work they did once the job was completed. Super happy with the work done.”