Helical Pier System

Why choose the Helical Pier System?

  • Evaporation– Hot and dry conditions may cause soil to pull away from the foundation. Settlement due to this foundation moisture imbalance could cause cracks to appear throughout the surface.

  • Transpiration–Tree roots could dehydrate the soil beneath the home causing soil shrinkage.

  • Plumbing Leaks–Water from leaky plumbing is often a major contributor to foundation problems, including heaving.

  • Drainage–Improper drainage will lead to excess moisture build-up, which could erode or consolidate soils. Excessive moisture may cause heaving or expansive soils.

  • Site Preparation–Cut and fill places where soil is removed from part of the building site and stacked onto another.


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Advantages of Helical Piers

  • Permanently stops foundation settlement

  • Installation is quick and only mildly invasive

  • Light disturbance to landscaping and yard

  • Works well in lightweight structure

  • Lifting of structure can usually be achieved

  • All parts are American steel

  • Installation can be done from interior if exterior access is limited

  • Installation causes no further damage to structure

  • Helicals are driven to load bearing strata

  • 25-year transferable limited warranty