Baseboard Dry Channel

The Epp Concrete Baseboard Dry Channel is just as effective in block wall basements as it is in those with solid poured walls. The baseboard is not attached to the wall, allowing air to circulate within the blocked and poured cavities to keep them dry. It also provides a source of disposal for upper-wall moisture to enter the channel. Hydrostatic pressure is relieved by drilling weep holes in the base of the foundation. The hollow Baseboard Dry channel collects the seepage, allowing the water to drain into a sump pit where it can be pumped out.


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Advantages of the Baseboard Dry System

  • Reduces moisture and humidity in basement

  • Installation is quick and non-invasive

  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure from foundation walls

  • Eliminates wet crawl spaces

  • Protects your home from structural damages

  • Drastically reduces allergens

  • Stops mold from entering your home

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