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Crawl Space Encapsulation In Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue is a town of 64,000, believed to be the oldest continuous town in the state. As such, it has some of the older homes in Nebraska, along with some of the oldest crawl spaces.

When crawl space problems occur, or even before they occur, you would benefit from crawl space encapsulation. EEP is your go-to resource for foundation, basement, and crawlspace repairs. Call us today and find out how we can help.

crawl space encapsulation in Adams, NE
crawl space encapsulation in Adams, NE

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

The process of crawl space encapsulation is sealing the space by wrapping the floor and walls with overlapping sheets of poly-sheeting. In doing so, you effectively isolate the crawl space from the surrounding space.

Although the process of crawl space encapsulation is simple, there are often many other things that go into it as well. This could include multiple repairs to prepare the area for encapsulation.

If water is a problem, we may have to install a drain tile system and channel the water into a sump pit or outside to a lower area. We may also remove any old, wet insulation and install new.

At the end of the crawl space encapsulation project, we install a dehumidifier to keep the area dry. You will then have a dry, clean part of the home, suitable for storage.

Who Needs Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Anyone in Bellevue or the surrounding area with a crawl space would benefit from crawl space encapsulation. It is especially beneficial for those that are experiencing issues associated with their foundation.

Some specific issues could be water in the crawl space, mold, reduced indoor air quality, and insect or rodent infestations. If you notice any of those or other issues, crawl space encapsulation would reduce or eliminate the problem.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Once you have your crawl space repaired and encapsulated, you will begin to enjoy the benefits quickly. Some of those benefits can even be unexpected and unique to your home. Here are some benefits you will see soon after the work is complete.

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Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

One of the biggest complaints that send people our way is that their energy costs are out of control. Since the humidity is lower in the crawl space and the rest of the home after we are done, it is easier to heat and cool.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality

Low air quality can impact your family's quality of life. With better air quality, you are likely to experience fewer respiratory problems, allergies, and sniffles.


Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew are a nightmare for homeowners but a crawl space provides the perfect conditions for growth. Once your crawl space is clean and dry after encapsulation, the mold and mildew problems will be gone.

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Stop Pest Infestations

The pests that can and do invade the crawlspace include rodents (rats, mice) and bugs (roaches, earwigs, termites). The polyurethane sheet used for crawl space encapsulation stops those pests from getting in.

Foundation Repair

Protect Structural Integrity

Removing water and lowering humidity create the dry conditions you want in a crawl space. Since it stops wood rot and other foundation problems, it protects the structural integrity of the home.

Foundation Repair

Improve the Floor's Comfort

Cold air can get into the crawl space through openings and gaps in the foundation walls and elsewhere. As it does, it pushes out the warmer air and can make surfaces in the home colder, including the floors.

Epp Foundation Repair Services

EPP offers a number of foundation services to our neighbors in Bellevue, Nebraska. If there is an issue with the foundation, we can take care of it. Some of the options we offer include the following:

This is a broad term that can include the use of push or helical piers, carbon fiber straps, epoxy injections, and deep polyurethane foam injections. The goal of foundation repair is to stop the damage from getting worse and to repair the problem to the extent possible.

Water in the basement may be a normal occurrence for you but it should never be considered normal. Basementwaterproofing is a service we provide that can stop the water once and for all. It provides, in part, sealing the basement, shoring up the walls, and installing systems that remove water from the area.

Sunken concrete is an unsightly and potentially dangerous problem. Epp Foundation Repair can fix this problem with the use of polyurethane foam injections. The fast-acting foam expands by 500%, compressing the ground and lifting the concrete back into place. You can begin using the concrete surface within minutes after the concrete leveling is complete.

Why Choose Epp as Your Foundation Specialist?

We know you have choices for foundation repair but there are reasons why you should choose Epp. First, we have been helping people in Bellevue with their homes since 1994. Epp Foundation Repair also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, along with a coveted BBB Integrity Award. We have handled many foundation repairs in Bellevue and throughout Nebraska. We also service our neighbors in parts of Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Contact us today for a free inspection or more information on how we can help you with your foundation problems.

“Epp Foundation Repair did a great job raising concrete slabs that were sinking. The guys doing the work were professional and they walked through all the work they did once the job was completed. Super happy with the work done.”