The old fashioned method of pounding on windows or cutting the bottom of doors does not solve the real potential issues with your home. Many times the cause of these issues has more to do with foundation repair issues not humidity. Bad drainage, ground movement, subsidence or poor construction. The problem will usually be noticed when doors and windows that used to open and close start sticking, or become difficult to open. If your home has brick on the exterior you may notice stair step cracks near corners or doors and windows. As your home settles these cracks will become wider.

Look at the doors and windows that are sticking, are there wedge shaped gaps directly above or below them? Is the molding cracking or pulling away? Are there any drywall cracks near the doors or windows? And most importantly are there cracks in the foundation near the problem doors or windows? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may need the services of a foundation repair expert.

Ignoring your door and window problems will not make them go away you will only see the problem get worse over time. Differential settlement, poor soils and or water issues may be causing your problems. A foundation engineer or foundation repair expert can let you know if the problem is structural or only a “moisture problem”. Remember, even though sticking doors and windows may seem like a small problem, if you see it in combination with any of the problems to the left, it could be a much larger problem. Use the My Foundation Repairs contact form to find the right foundation repair expert in your area to find the right solution for your home or business.