Many homeowners or business owners tend to ignore the signs of foundation problems because the cost of foundation repairs can seem overwhelming. Understanding the costs of foundation repair may save you from larger problems in the future. Many foundation repairs don’t cost as much as you think, but foundation failure is a very large costing repair that you want to avoid. Foundation repairs can cost anywhere from 1,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars. There are so many factors that play into your foundation repair cost, and knowing what those costs will help you be prepared to find the right solution for your home or business.

What Factors into Foundation Repair Costs?

Foundation Inspection:
Most people don’t have the expertise to inspect their own foundation, although it is recommended to know the signs of foundation failure including bowing and leaning walls, wall cracks, foundation cracks, doors and windows that stick, and more. Some engineers will provide a structural report to give to the contractor that will work on your job. The first payment most people see is after a formal inspection done on the foundation.

The next step is to find a qualified foundation repair expert in your area. At Epp Concrete, we offer free, no obligation estimates. We will come out and inspect your home to see what the issues are and how we can fix them.

Foundation Repairs:
You may find that all you need is simple repairs such as patching or filling of cracks or bricks. Other, more extensive repairs can be quite complicated. This is why there is such a variance in price of foundation repairs. Sometimes excavation of the site will need to be done and this can lead to quite an expense, but in many cases piering and underpinning products can be installed with little to no site excavation. This makes the cost really vary from job to job.

Other Considerations:
Sometimes your lawn or landscaping will need to be disturbed during a foundation repair project. This may add additional costs to your specific foundation repair project. Trees may need to be removed, and may have even caused part of the problem in the beginning. This is because roots from trees can disturb foundations and steal moisture in the soil around the foundation causing the soils to shrink away from the foundation removing much needed support.

It’s Important to Repair Your Foundation

Usually one of two things is important to you when it comes to your home. You may plan on living in your home for a long, long time. In this case you want to make your foundation strong, and long lasting. But others are always keeping the resale value of their home in mind. A good foundation is the first thing many homebuyers look at when they are shopping for a home. No matter what your reason for wanting to keep your home in good shape, it is smart to start with your foundation.

As you can see, it isn’t easy to say what the average foundation repair cost is. It depends on your home or business, the size of it, the problems that are occurring, who you hire to do a structural inspection, and who you hire to perform your foundation repairs. Protect the investment you have in your home today, from the foundation up.