Why Choose PolyLift Concrete Leveling?

Why Choose PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling?
Why Choose PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling?
When the soil underneath a concrete slab can no longer support its weight, the slab will sink or settle. If some soil areas are weak and others aren’t the result may be uneven, unleveled, cracked, or caving concrete. Sinking concrete is caused by excessive weight, expansion, and contraction due to changes in the weather and erosion of supporting soil due to the movement of water below the surface.

When Do You Need Concrete Leveling?

Uneven concrete on walkways, patios, driveways, and garage floors can present a dangerous tripping hazard and liability exposure. It can also direct water into unintended areas causing pooling water, seepage, and in some cases causing structural damage to foundations. In addition to safety concerns, uneven or cracked concrete can be an eyesore and will continue to worsen over time if left unattended.

What Causes Uneven Concrete?

Settled concrete slabs can be caused by poor compaction of the subgrade below the concrete, poor backfill around foundations and excavations, erosion caused by poor grading, poorly placed downspouts, sump pump discharges, vehicle traffic, and sometimes even animal damage.

Why Choose PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling?

Fortunately, you may not have to completely replace the affected concrete, which can be both invasive and costly. PolyLift™, or Poly injection, is a new concrete leveling technique that utilizes a dual component foam composed of super-strength polyurethane material. When the foam is injected underneath a sunken concrete slab, a reaction occurs that causes it to expand and harden. This material then lifts and locks the concrete slab into place as it solidifies, effectively filling any voids and creating a level surface. The result is an incredibly durable and permanent solution to uneven concrete.

For more information see Concrete Lifting Foam Beats Mudjacking Hands Down For Fixing Uneven Slabs.

Advantages of PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling

  • Much less costly and disruptive than replacement
  • Cures quickly, allowing treated areas to be put back into service immediately.
  • Injection holes in concrete are considerably smaller than those used in traditional mudjacking
  • Polyurethane will not wash away from under the slab-like mudjacking material
  • The lightweight material does not add a burden to already settling soil
  • Can increase the ability of the concrete slab to hold weight

How Much Does PolyLevel Cost?

The cost of concrete lifting using polyurethane foam injection depends on various factors, including how much concrete needs lifting and your geographical location. As of March 2022, in our service area in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, the cost of concrete lifting using poly foam starts at $1500.
Is your sidewalk, driveway, or patio affected by uneven concrete? If so, contact the experts at Epp Foundation Repair for a free estimate and learn more about PolyLift™ services!


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