How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

What to Expect During a Foundation Repair
What to Expect During a Foundation Repair

How much does foundation repair cost?

Wondering how much does foundation repair cost? Well, the cost of foundation repair depends on various factors, including your geographical location, the type and severity of the problem, and the repair solution. Therefore, unless we inspect your foundation, we can’t give you an estimate. However, we can say that foundation problems get worse over time and will be more expensive to repair if you wait. So, act quickly and save money.

Common signs of foundation problems

As we mentioned above, foundation problems are best addressed as early as possible. Unfortunately, no house is entirely immune to foundation problems, mainly because most foundation problems are due to the earth shifting around the home. Luckily, there are some signs to look for to try and catch foundation problems as soon as possible. Have you noticed any of the following? If so, you might have a foundation problem.
  • Misaligned door and windows – This can signify a settling foundation and happens in every house. It’s not necessarily a sign of a damaged foundation.
  • Doors that stick or won’t fully close
  • Hard to open windows
  • Uneven floors or staircases
  • Cracks in the drywall
  • Gaps in wall seams or between the ceiling and the wall
  • Large cracks in the exterior concrete
  • Signs of flooding in the basement or perimeter of the house
If you recognize any of the above signs, it is a good idea to call an expert to come out and do a foundation inspection of your home. (Side note: it is essential to get a foundation inspection before buying a house.) If you are selling your home, you will find it much easier if your foundation is damage free.
Whatever your foundation problem, Epp Foundation Repair has the right solution. A healthy foundation is the key to structural integrity, and you will see an immediate impact on your home once you repair the foundation. If you are tired of sticking doors and windows, a leaky basement, and unsightly cracks in your concrete, call the experts at Epp Foundation Repair for a free inspection and repair estimate.


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