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The Simple Basement Waterproofing Guide For Midwest Homeowners​

Discover the most common ways water gets into your basement and what you can do to keep it dry.

Foundation Repair in Greenwood NE

Whether you live in an older home or one that was newly constructed, it will be built will some type of foundation as its base. The foundation makes your house stable by offering solid support, which means any type of foundation damage can be detrimental to your property.
One way you could eliminate damage to your property’s foundation is by coming up with a periodic inspection and maintenance plan with Epp Foundation Repair in Greenwood NE.

Epp Foundation Repair – Foundation Specialists Since 1994

Since the inception of our company in 1994, Epp Foundation Repair is the foundation specialist you need for all your foundation-related problems.

List of Foundation Repair Services from Epp Foundation Repair

At Epp Foundation Repair, we offer several foundation repair services, which can be employed based on the type of foundation damage your house currently has. The most prominent of our services are concrete repair, bowing wall repair, basement waterproofing, and foundation settling.
Concrete Repair
Old age, poor installation, expansion and contraction of concrete caused by fluctuating outdoor temperatures, etc. can lead to the deterioration of the concrete surfaces around your home. If you have noticed uneven or cracked concrete floors anywhere in your home, we offer different products and techniques to solve the issue. These techniques include PolyLift Concrete Leveling, Street Creep Repair, and Polyurethane Self-Leveling Caulking.
Bowing Wall Repair
If the walls in your basement seem to curve inward, you need bowing wall repair services from Epp Foundation Repair Greenwood NE. We employ repair options like wall anchors, steel I-beam installation, and carbon fiber wall repair to repair bowing walls.
Basement Waterproofing
If a wet basement is the one problem that has been bothering you for quite some time now, the only proper solution you need is basement waterproofing from Epp Foundation Repair in Greenwood NE. At Epp, we follow a 3-phase basement repair process:
  1. We inspect the intruded areas to determine the techniques that can be used to seal cracks.
  2. If need be, we will install the right foundation support system to address structural issues.
  3. Finally, as a way to keep water out of your basement, we will install a new interior or exterior drainage system.

Foundation Damage: Common Signs

Following are some of the evidential signs of foundation damage:
  • Bowed walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks walls, floors, foundation
  • Warped ceilings
  • Cabinets and counters separating from walls
  • Door and window frames separating from walls
  • Door not latching
  • Water leaking through cracks

Where Do We Serve?

If you live in and around Greenwood NE, you can call Epp Foundation Repair for all your foundation-related needs. Our service area includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. For a complete list of areas we service, see our Service Areas page.

Why Choose Us?

With the level of skills and experience possessed by our foundation experts, we are confident to say that Epp Foundation Repair is the one name you can completely rely on when it comes to finding the right answers to your foundation-related problems. Do keep in mind that your problem doesn’t have to be major to call us; even if you have a small doubt about your foundation, give us a call immediately!

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