Eagle NE Foundation Repair


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Eagle NE Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is the most critical part of the property because it literally holds up the building. If your foundation is poorly constructed or has taken a beating over the years, it could become dangerous to everyone living in the building.
Conducting periodic inspections to look for early signs of foundation damage and performing any necessary foundation repairs immediately is the best way to avoid any potential danger. This is where Epp Foundation Repair Eagle NE comes in.

Epp Foundation Repair – The Preferred Foundation Experts

From wall cracks to standing water in the basement, warped ceilings to bowing walls, whatever type of foundation problem you are encountering, foundation experts at Epp Foundation Repair have the right solution for you.

Epp Foundation Repair – Services Offered

As the leading foundation repair company in Eagle NE, we offer a wide variety of foundation repair services/solutions, which include:
Foundation Underpinning
Your building’s foundation might have wear and tear from age, be damaged by severe weather changes, or may have been constructed poorly. Whatever the cause, foundation underpinning is one of the most efficient foundation repair techniques that will help your foundation regain its strength.  The underpinning techniques we often implement are push and helical piers installation.
Concrete Leveling
Soil erosion, expansion and contraction due to changing weather conditions, excessive weight, etc. are some of the reasons why the concrete might sink in certain areas around your home. This can lead to trip hazards. With Epp Foundation Repair’s concrete leveling service, you can have your concrete floors raised and leveled out in no time.
Our PolyLift Concrete Leveling uses polyurethane foam injection for filling voids, leveling, and stabilizing concrete surfaces. It is currently the best, highly cost-effective, and long-lasting solution for concrete leveling and raising.
Crawl Space Encapsulation
When moisture in your crawl space is left unattended, it can result in unhealthy living conditions, causing health hazards like poor indoor air quality, formation of mold, and more. Crawl space encapsulation from Epp Foundation Repair Eagle NE will help:
  • Maintain your crawl space clean and dry, thereby minimizing the chances of mold formation
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce health hazards
  • Reduce allergens
  • Reinforce the structural strength of your home

Common Signs of Foundation Damage

Some of the common and major signs of foundation damage that could indicate the need for foundation repair are:
  • Cracks in walls, floors, and/or foundation
  • Doors not latching
  • Door and window frames separating from walls
  • Cabinets or counters separating from walls
  • Warped ceilings
  • Uneven floors
  • Bowed walls

Service Areas

Epp Foundation Repair’s service area is not limited to Eagle NE. We serve property owners in other Nebraska cities, and in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri as well. Check out our Service Areas page for a complete list.

Why Epp?

With our extensive experience serving homeowners for the past 25+ years, we at Epp Foundation Repair know that we can solve any of your foundation-related issues. Whether it’s a cracked floor or a wet basement, our expert team will use the right foundation repair technique.
If you think your Eagle NE home might need foundation repair, call us today for a free inspection and repair estimate.

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