Crawl Space Encapsulation In North Platte, NE

Looking for crawl space encapsulation in North Platte, NE? Crawlspaces are often filled with mold, mildew, rodents, spiders, wood-eating pests, and other nasty stuff. This makes an unencapsulated crawl space dirty and unhealthy. If you want a clean, dry crawl space, encapsulate it! Contact us today for a crawl space evaluation and encapsulation estimate.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Omaha, NE
Photo of a dehumidifier in an encapsulated crawl space

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation involves installing a thick, heavy-duty moisture barrier over the crawl space’s floor and walls. The moisture barrier prevents moisture in the soil from entering the crawl space and causing problems.

Who Needs Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Here are some signs your crawl space in North Platte, NE might need to be encapsulated:

There’s moisture in your crawl space

Moisture encourages mold growth and other problems that come with a wet crawl space.

Your crawl space is full of pests

Encapsulation will keep pests away from your crawl space, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Your home smells musty

Some of the air in the crawl space flows into your home’s living area. If the crawl space is full of mold, the air coming out of it will be as well. This could make your home smell musty. Encapsulation ensures the crawl space stays dry improving the air quality in your home.

There’s high humidity in your home

Moisture in the crawl space can increase the humidity level inside your home. Encapsulation along with a dehumidifier will ensure a clean, dry crawl space and reduced humidity inside your home.

You have high energy bills

While we can’t guarantee it, we’ve had customers tell us that their energy bills were lower after encapsulation. This is probably due to reduced humidity.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

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You might see lower energy bills


Protects your home’s structural integrity

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Prevents pest infestation

Foundation Repair

Increases your home’s value

Foundation Repair

Provides a place for storing things like tools and holiday decorations

Epp Foundation Repair – List of Services

Our other services are:
foundation repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation problems will get worse if not addressed. Eventually, they could affect the home’s structural integrity. Contact Epp Foundation Repair today for a foundation evaluation and repair estimate.

basement water proofing

Basement Waterproofing

Basement’s aren’t destined to be wet. Proper basement waterproofing that solves the root cause of the moisture can make your home’s basement dry enough to live in. Contact us today to find out how!

crawl space

Concrete Leveling

Even slightly uneven concrete surfaces are a trip hazard. If someone falls and gets hurt you could find yourself facing a lawsuit. Concrete leveling can fix uneven concrete in just a few hours.

Why Choose Epp as Your Foundation Specialist?

Epp Foundation Repair has been a reliable name for crawl space encapsulation in North Platte, NE for almost 30 years now. Our team of experienced professionals can encapsulate your home’s crawl space ensuring a clean, dry environment suitable for storing tools and holiday decorations. Contact us today for an evaluation and estimate.

“Epp Foundation Repair did a great job raising concrete slabs that were sinking. The guys doing the work were professional and they walked through all the work they did once the job was completed. Super happy with the work done.”