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Crawl Space Encapsulation In Bennet, NE

Bennet, NE is a small city located in Lancaster County. It is situated approximately 10 miles from Lincoln, so the residents enjoy small-town living with easy access to anything they need.

Those same residents also look after their homes. At times, this may require special attention due to the damp, cold weather in the area. They may also experience problems with insect or rodent infestation, mold, and high energy bills.

All of those issues can be addressed when you call on Epp Foundation Repair for a crawl space encapsulation. We will provide the expert care needed to make the space below your home dry and usable.

crawl space encapsulation in Adams, NE
crawl space encapsulation in Adams, NE

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

When you have issues due to the moisture and draftiness of a crawl space, Epp can fix the problems from the source. This is done with crawl space encapsulation, a process that begins by removing any damaged material and fixing any issues resulting in standing water or high moisture.

The actual encapsulation involves wrapping the crawl space walls and floor with poly sheeting. No gaps are left, leaving you with a dry area that is practically impervious to insect and rodent infestation. The process takes a few days, at most, and we do the work with a minimal impact on your day-to-day life.

Who Needs Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Anyone who owns a home with a crawl space in Bennet or nearby areas would benefit from crawl space encapsulation. If you want a cleaner, healthier home that is easier to heat and cool, this process is one you should consider.

There are also some specific concerns that would show the need for crawl space encapsulation. They include the following:

Mold and Mildew:

No homeowner wants to deal with mold and mildew but, all too often, they find their way into our living space. Mold and mildew are likely a problem in a damp crawl space but, due to the higher humidity, it can also be a problem in the living space.

Air Quality:

Do you feel sluggish or suffer from frequent headaches? It could be due to low indoor air quality. The air between the living space and crawl space exchanges regularly, leading to this problem.

Unwanted Pests:

Do you constantly struggle with insects or do you have rodents living under your home? This is a common sign of a crawl space that needs attention.

Water Infiltration

Water can have a terrible impact on the home. If you see standing water or even if you have high humidity problems, it's time to call Epp for a crawl space evaluation.

High Energy Bills:

When you notice your energy bills creeping up, the crawl space may be to blame. A damp, drafty crawl space will have an impact on keeping the living area comfortable.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are many benefits of crawl space encapsulation. Typically, you will begin to see those benefits immediately after the work is done. Here are a few benefits for your consideration:

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Better Air Quality

You can breathe easier with an upgraded crawl space. Since the air in the crawl space will be healthier, the air throughout the home will be healthier.

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Low Energy Consumption and Fewer Costs

We all want to save money on our energy bills. Crawl space encapsulation can help you do it by sealing the drafts and lowering the humidity in the crawl space. You will be surprised by the difference.

Foundation Repair

Protects Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Water in the crawl space is more than an inconvenience. It can undermine the foundation and lead to a whole host of problems. Epp can redirect the water away from the crawl space before moving ahead with the encapsulation project.

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Saves Your Home from Pest Infestation

We use poly sheeting to seal the crawl space. In doing so, an environment is created that is not conducive to rodent or insect infestation.

Foundation Repair

Increased Storage Space

One often overlooked benefit of crawl space encapsulation is that you are creating additional storage space. You can store anything that will fit in the area because it is now dry and clean.

Epp Foundation Repair – List of Services

Epp Foundation Repair is known for crawl space encapsulation but that is only one of the services we offer. We have a wide range of solutions for your home, including the following:

When signs of foundation failure show, from cracked walls and ceilings to uneven floors, it could be your foundation. If you notice problems in the home and they continue to get worse, contact Epp for an inspection. Our foundation repair service is second to none.

Do you avoid the basement because it is damp and cold? Our basement waterproofing service can transform the space under your home into an additional living space that is dry and comfortable.

Uneven concrete is more than an unsightly problem, it can also lead to cracks and tripping hazards. If your concrete driveway, walkway, patio, or floors need attention, we can provide it. We inject polyurethane foam below the concrete and it lifts the slab as the foam expands.

Why Choose Epp as Your Foundation Specialist?

When you have work done on your home, you want to trust the people doing it. Epp has been working in the Bennet and the surrounding area since 1994. Our expertise in crawl space encapsulation and foundation repair are well known. Call us today for a free home inspection or with any questions regarding how we can help with your home.

“Epp Foundation Repair did a great job raising concrete slabs that were sinking. The guys doing the work were professional and they walked through all the work they did once the job was completed. Super happy with the work done.”