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Columbus NE Foundation Repair


The Simple Basement Waterproofing Guide For Midwest Homeowners​

Discover the most common ways water gets into your basement and what you can do to keep it dry.

Columbus NE Foundation Repair

Whether your property is old or new, foundation-related issues can arise in a lot of different ways, and no two homes will have the same symptoms.  Depending on the soil characteristics in your area, the age of your property, foundation type, etc., your property’s symptoms for foundation damage can differ.
As you know, the foundation functions like the backbone of your property, which means any damage that is left unattended can deteriorate the structural integrity of the entire building. This can be avoided by seeking professional foundation repair services in Columbus NE by Epp Foundation Repair.

Epp Foundation Repair – A Trusted Company Since 1994

For more than 25 years, Epp Foundation Repair has been offering foundation repair services to homeowners in and around Columbus, NE. We take pride in saying that we have earned the trust and satisfaction of our customers over the years, and continue to work towards achieving the same now and in the future.
Whether it’s just a hairline crack in your basement or something more serious,  all you need to do is make a call to Epp Foundation Repair.

Columbus NE Foundation Repair – List of Services Offered

Basement Wall Repair

Basement walls often require repair. Based on the type of foundation problems you are facing and its current severity, foundation experts from Epp Foundation Repair could employ one or more of the following solutions:
  • C-channel wall anchors
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Helical tieback anchors
  • Wall plate anchors
  • Epoxy basement wall crack repair
  • Basement I-beam wall support

Basement Waterproofing

When you choose Epp Foundation Repair for waterproofing your basement, what you get is simple, straightforward, permanent, and efficient solutions. We do this to make sure that you don’t have to go through the same issue again in the future.
Some of the waterproofing solutions we offer are:
  • Installing an exterior basement waterproofing membrane
  • Perimeter drain installation
  • Egress window installation
  • Drain tile system
  • Moisture barrier installation
  • Sump pump installation


Foundation underpinning is another popular and highly effective foundation repair solution offered by Epp Foundation Repair in Columbus NE. We use this technique for house leveling, and the common causes for this type of repair are unstable soil conditions that led to structural damage.
The techniques we recommend and use for foundation underpinning are push and helical piers. Their benefits include:
  • Less time-consuming to install
  • A permanent solution to end foundation settlement
  • Can be used in lightweight structures
  • The process is minimally invasive
  • All parts are American steel and extremely durable
  • lifetime transferable limited warranty

Signs of Foundation Damage

When you know how to identify the following signs of foundation damage, you can catch a problem in its early stages and save money on repair costs:  
  • Stairstep cracks in brickwork or masonry
  • Cracked or broken foundation
  • Uneven floors
  • Warped ceilings
  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Separated chimneys
  • Displaced moldings
  • Counters and cabinets separated from walls
  • Misaligned windows and doors

Our Service Area

Epp Foundation Repair provides foundation repair services throughout Columbus NE and its surroundings. Our other service areas extend throughout the states of Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri.

Why Call Us?

Operating since 1994, we have come across a wide range of foundation issues faced by homeowners and have employed various tried-and-tested techniques to resolve those issues. When you choose Epp Foundation Repair, you are handing over your property to an experienced, trusted, and professional company.
Call us anytime for a free in-person inspection.

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