Dustin Allen

Sr. Foreman

Dustin Allen has been a trusted and dependable member of the Epp Foundation Repair team for years now, joining in June of 2013, specializing in foundation repairs since the day he was brought on. He started as an employee simply carrying buckets, and through determination and the thirst for more knowledge, he became a foreman in two short years! After successfully completing countless projects, he realized his favorite part of his job is meeting customers. Dustin set his sights on becoming a Foundation Specialist in order to help people repair their foundations in the correct and most cost-efficient way.

Dustin is a father to a young lady who keeps him very busy and young himself. He tends to spend his free time playing catch with his daughter who is on a high school softball team. Saturday nights are spent out at the race track surrounded by family as they watch his daughter trade paint and put the pedal to the medal. On a rare occasion, you might run into him on the golf course enjoying the sun.

Name: Dustin Allen