When hiring a contractor, you’ve got a ton of options. Things like reputation, quality of work, scheduling, and of course, price, all play a part in how you make your decision. So why choose Epp? We could talk about why we’re the best all day long, but we’ll keep it short with this list that explains why Epp Concrete is the right company for your project:

    • We offer a variety of services. While foundation construction/repairs and waterproofing are our specialties, we also offer removal/replacement of existing concrete, concrete leveling, garage and sunroom additions, roofing services, and much more. We’re far from a one-trick pony㆒ if it involves concrete, we can build or fix it.


    • We provide free, no-obligation estimates. We’re happy to assess your home for no cost and won’t pressure you into making any decisions. We provide honest evaluations and estimates to everyone.


    • We have an awesome team. The Epp team has countless years of combined experience. Each crew member has a unique set of skills and expertise, and together, we do comprehensive, high-quality, unbeatable work. We have several repeat customers who recommend and attest to the work we do.


    • We’re local. Epp Concrete is a small, local business. We’re not money-hungry corporate sharks㆒ we’re an honest, compassionate company that sincerely cares about our clients and the community.


    • We’re clean. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, but we won’t let that spill over into your home. We pride ourselves on being extremely clean, neat, and organized in everything that we do, and we’ll never leave a mess behind.


    • We value safety. Safety is our number one priority; yours, your home’s, and our crew’s. We promote an injury-free environment and train our team to work carefully and meticulously, so to avoid any and all potential harm. We’ve partnered with several locally and nationally recognized organizations to develop the safest practices in construction.


    • We’re punctual. We’re always on time and won’t ever keep you waiting. We work diligently to complete projects in a timely manner so you can get back to your normal life without structural problems or construction disturbances.


  • We’re nice! Most importantly, we’re good, kind people. Our crews are respectful, friendly, and genuinely want to help you. Heck, you may want us to stick around even after your project has been completed!

At Epp, we offer more value than any other contractor in Southeast Nebraska. We perform every task with integrity and are fully committed to our employees and our clients. The choice is obvious, give Epp a call for all your concrete needs!