DIY Foundation Repair – Worth The Risk?

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As a handy homeowner who has tackled big repairs before (and enjoys the challenge), it is very tempting to consider do-it-yourself foundation repair. You figure you can save money if you do it yourself, so you search what your problems are and then find the [...]

The Importance of Proper Foundation Drainage

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When most people think of the biggest hazards to their home, they immediately think of fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. In fact, the soil underneath homes is the leading cause of structural damage in the United States.   How can that be right?   [...]

What to Expect During a Foundation Repair

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The two words no homeowner wants to hear, “foundation damage”. Once you hear those words you probably figure you are in for a long and costly repair process, after all, your foundation is literally what your house is built on. Foundation problems are best addressed [...]

Settling Foundation? We Have Your Solutions!

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Home foundation settlement is an unfortunate fact of life. Finding out that your home is settling can seem like a hopeless situation, how can you fight mother nature? While it may seem hopeless at first, once you understand foundation settlement you can learn how we [...]

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