10734003_1145172952166746_6916466353798166116_nWindow Well Drainage

When a window well is not drained correctly, the window well drain is clogged, or the stone in the window well does not provide adequate drainage, water can pool as if it were an aquarium. When it gets high enough, this accumulated water can pour straight into your basement from between the window frame and the top of the wall, or even through the window itself.  Inadequate window well drainage can cause a substantial amount of water to pour into your basement very quickly, thus creating a need for improved window well drainage. Epp offers a variety of window well drainage equipment that will offer your home several benefits:

  • Permanently repairs inadequate window well drainage
  • Window well cover installed
  • Drainage application from inside the basement (no yard disturbance)
  • Transferable limited warranty
  • Controls water to prevent mold growth
  • Sits close to foundation wall so fix is easily covered up from inside
  • New seal applied to interior of window well


Drain Tile

drainageWater in your basement after a storm or period of heavy precipitation is never fun, which is why Epp Concrete offers a complete drain tile system to keep your basement dry and protected. Our system consists of waterproofing materials that lead incoming water into round, perforated piping, which then runs to your sump pump and is redirected out of your home. What makes our drain tile system the best on the market is that we actually dig into the floor and install the drain tile below the surface, next to the footing. This way, water can easily reach the piping and then be pumped away from your home. Never worry about a wet basement again with an Epp Concrete drain tile system!