Foundation Heave

Foundation heave, two words no home owner wants to hear. Unlike settlement sinking, foundation heaving or upheaval is an upward structural movement caused by expanding soil, resulting in cracking of floors, walls, ceilings, and other foundational features.  Foundation heave usually occurs in areas where soil has a high clay content, especially in periods of prolonged or heavy precipitation.  While settlement generally takes years and years to occur, foundation heave commonly takes place within the first few years of a building’s construction.

Unfortunately, upheaval is a foundational issue that usually cannot be repaired in its entirety due to its unpredictability.  However, often times foundation problems are misdiagnosed as being heave when in reality, the issue is something else.  If you’ve been told that your home has experienced heaving, contact the experts at Epp to come out to give you a second opinion!