R. Johnson

of Crete

“Good people . Get the work done and leave you feeling like you made the right decision. Highly recommended.”

O. Sarafian

of Lincoln

“We had Epp Concrete install drain tile along 2 walls and installed a sump pump in the closet. We are very pleased with the quality of work, the specially care that was taken, the clean up and the price. We will have no hesitation in using Epp Concrete again and referring others to them. Thank you.”

L. Friesen

of Lincoln

“Great service with considerate employees! A business you can trust!.”

C. Johnson

of Wilber

“I had your company put in a drain-tile system in my home. We have had no more water problems and your crew was very nice and did a great job. Thank you.”

B. Crosien

of Lincoln

“Thank you so much for the quick service. The crew did a wonderful job and the foundation specialist that came out and looked at our home was very knowledgeable and courteous.”

A. Schiermann

of Lincoln

“Epp Concrete did a great job in our basement. They put in draintile and the job was very well done. They cleaned up their mess. We would recommend them to anyone.”

D. Reitian

of Lincoln

“Your team did an excellent job battling through bad weather. They were very thorough and concerned about making sure that the mess was taken care of. I appreciated their efforts and commitment to a quality job.”

K. Sprague

of Lincoln

“Our basement wall was coming in on us and needed repair. The only choice we had it seemed was to dig up the exterior and the resulting mess. We then called Epp Concrete and after learning more we decided that they were the best viable option for our repair. We were extremely happy with the work that your firm did, from being on time and the quality of your employees. Thanks again for a job well done.”

J. Becker

of York

“Being a real estate agent I seem a lot of homes that needed repair. I called Epp Concrete and they sent out a very knowledgeable Representative and determined that the home I was looking at had settled and needed piers to stabilize the home. I and the new owners were very happy with the work done and I will be calling Epp Concrete in the future for myself or any of my clients.”

V. Bottcher

of Lincoln

“Very professional and polite. Appreciate everything.”

L. Nootz

of Pleasant Dale

“Wanted to let you know how pleased we both were with the work your team of professionals did installing piers and wall anchors to stabilize our home. From the first visit to determine what would be needed and every step of the way after that, you and your crew were more than willing to explain what was being done and why it was needed. everyone took great care to ensure the work areas were clean and orderly both during the process and at the end of the day. The final results more than meet our expectations.”

B. Bettin

of Lincoln

“Phil and Dave it was a pleasure getting to meet you and it was a blessing to have you ease my stress and future issues of water in my home. I really
enjoyed meeting the team and want to thank you for the excellent work.”

J. Johnson

of La Vista

“Your company came highly recommended from a friend and I want to tell you that I was not disappointed. From The foundation specialist that came out to look at my home to the crew that did a great job fixing and cleaning up my home. Highly recommend.”

L. Malan

of Lincoln

“Good, honest professional company that will treat your home like it is their own.”

J. Gallager

of Omaha

“I was very happy with everything from the initial consultation to the crew mopping up my floors when they were completed. I will be recommending Epp Concrete to everyone in the future.”

K. Kamar

of Lincoln

“I have never had a company provide more than they bid. I could not be happier. I can now open my front door. I’m very happy.”

J. Lamb

of Lincoln

“Our home had settled 2″ and our basement walls were bowing very badly. Epp Concrete came and fixed everything just as they said they would. We are very happy and can rest easy Knowing that we had a company do the work that is willing to stand behind their work for 25 years.”

H. Kroeker

of Lincoln

“We had Epp Concrete fix our basement 10 years ago and we have since purchased a new home and it also needed foundation repair. They not only did a great job but are a very friendly and trust worthy company. I will highly recommend them.”

Doug Kroeker

Kroeker Development Company

“I have used Epp Concrete for the last 15 years and have always been extremely happy with their work. Epp Concrete basements are always square and level and my framers have stated, “We love framing on his basements, this makes our job much easier.” I would highly recommend this company.”

Thomas Rempel

Satisfied Customer

“I have personally observed Phil & Dave Epp providing agreed upon contractual services with a high emphasis upon quality work in the agreed upon time frame. And I have also witnessed their commitment to addressing the not frequent but unavoidable matters of ‘complaint’ or ‘dissatisfaction’ by simply committing themselves to ‘making it right’ regardless the inconvenience or the cost. In going the extra mile, they have refused to pass blame or make excuses. They have owned the responsibility regardless where the matter ought to fall and made it right. I have the highest respect for and appreciation for these men and their company.”

Chris Brester

Brester Construction Inc.

“As a project manager and now president of Brester Construction, Inc. I have had the privilege to work with Phil and Dave Epp over the last 12 years. They have proven many times over the years just how dedicated they are to us as a customer. They have always been open and honest in all of our dealings and have on many occasions gone above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied. They have created a culture from upper management down to their labor force that is focused on always doing the right thing no matter what. They and all of their employees treat each project as if it was their own and the finished product speaks for itself.”

Greg E. Peterson

G.E. Peterson, Inc.

“I have established a continuous working relationship with Phil & Dave for well over ten years and have appreciated the opportunity to work with this quality family owned Lincoln based foundation contractor. My respect and appreciation for Epp is based upon a history of exemplary business ethics, unquestionable integrity and a unique sense of fairness in dealing with the day to day issues required to operate and grow a quality concrete foundation contracting business.”

Ted Scott

Medallion Holmes

“I have worked with Epp Concrete for a number of years and highly respect the quality of work that they bring to each job. They value quality in a timely manner. I also appreciate Epp Concrete for the range of services they offer; they take care of the excavation layout, footings and pouring of walls, right down to the waterproofing all with great communication and customer service. I would recommend Epp Concrete for any of your foundation needs.”