Code of Ethics

In the conduct of our business we are and will continue to be guided by the following principles and ethics:

  1. We will be fair and truthful in our relationships with our customers, co-workers, sub-contractors, and suppliers.
  2. We will be forthright and honest in all of our dealings and relationships.
  3. We will be responsive to a changing world, being very sensitive for the need for the need to protect the environment and conform to OSHA requirements.
  4. We will conduct our business in a manner which will enable us to take pride in the service we provide.
  5. We will act in a manner which will earn the respect and esteem of all whom we serve.
  6. We are interested in making a fair margin of profit, but not at the expense of shoddy workmanship.
  7. We will expect every employee to report to his supervisor and condition he deems a hazard to the safety of the employee.
  8. We regard with imperative the success, stability and growth of our company in keeping these principals.